About Our Church

Dual Worlds Church is a new physical and electronic community church located in Northern, CA. As a part of Roadway Intelligence, it is a standalone church that focuses on the lifestyle and guidelines outlined in the Book of Intelligent Observation, that was written by the Founder and Lead Visionary.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision and Mission is to help People Separate the Society and Individual World

The Dual Worlds Church (DWC) is an original belief and lifestyle organization based on the concept that the contemporary world is best addressed with a separation and duality of a societal world and an individual world, both with their own identity, goals and action.  The reference text for the church was written in its entirety by the founder and Lead Visionary.

Mission & Purpose

For over the past few centuries people have been increasing identifying “who they are” by the work they do and their job in the marketplace, and have “pushed down” on the individuals ability to utilize the skills and energy endowed by the higher power that brought them life and endowed them with unique skills and capabilities.

DWC was created to help a community that is interested in helping them de-stress from the pace and frantic energy of a globally connected society and to be able to functionally pursue a pathway to their maximal potential and personal fulfillment.

The lifestyle is a contemporary integration of structured mediation, collective consciousness energy, a tight support relationship with a person’s inner circle, observational awareness to help identify a coping strategy, and mastering new skills for communication.

Guidelines to Join

  1.  All prospective members are 18 years old or older
  2.  All prospective members have an existing belief in and hold a connection to a higher power of their choosing.

Societal World

This training and lifestyle work across multiple areas where not only those from the regional societies of cities, states, and countries, but also work/employment, family, education, financial considerations, and many more. These are all set by the societal worlds, and many of them conflict.

Individual World

Being focused on the self means having the energy, conviction and strength to bring what is needed to support the individual in addition to the needs of the others in their inner circle.

“The implementation and adherence to this lifestyle should allow for minimization of stress, mental conflict, and negative energy related to physical ailments while simultaneously creating a faster more predictable path to your goals, social status and overall joy and respect. “

– Lead Visionary


Frequently Asked Questions

In a short what is the church all about?

The church was created for people who believe there is a higher power in this world who brought them to existence as a unique individual who is endowed with special skills.  However, over the course of their life, the demands of the financial and societal world pushed the ability to enjoy and nurture that individuality down in their priority list for life.  The church is helping support this community through techniques to rediscover these individual skills and help them create a life that balances the financial/societal needs and allows them to keep their individual world.  The goal is to teach people how to find their balance in life between their dreams and the demands of society.

What does the CCS school teach?

The core of the church is the building of communities and sharing the passion and heritage of that community.  In order to spread the methods and ideas of the church to larger communities, we are teaching people how to use modern Professional broadcast production video tools to be able to tell their story.  This way, the church community not only spreads its message, but the congregation learns new skills that may help them find new jobs and careers.  The hope is the new positions better support the balance of individual and societal worlds. The school also teaches the methods and techniques for rediscovering your individual skills and separating your individual goals from the societal goals that surround you everyday.

Besides the Book of Intelligent Observation, what other teaching, guidance and support can DWC offer now?

In addition to the book – avail in paperback and e-book – the website has both inspirational messages (https://vimeo.com/channels/dwcinspirations) and stress reducing meditations (https://vimeo.com/channels/dwcmeditations)

How can I get involved with DWC?

There are many ways to get involved – you can attend classes to learn how to identify you birthright skills, you can attend classes to learn how improve you career so you have more time  to work on your skills, you can volunteer to help in the studio or the school, you can volunteer to be an intern in the studio or school, you can help with the tele-message production with translation to  other languages and voiceover, and if you have other skills – ask – we are doing a lot of things and we want everyone with a skill and passion for that skill to be able to share it with the community.

Do you have a physical location or are you just on-line?

Due to COVID shelter in place restrictions, we are currently still on-line only.  We are in the process of seeking a physical location for the leaders, the schools and house of worship.  We are looking in Northern CA and hope to have a location by end of Q3, 2021 where people can meet in person and enjoy community events.

When you get the physical location, is it going to be open to just Church members or anyone in the Community?

We trying to build a large community campus that will be open to everyone – it will have a house of workshop, school , video and audio production labs, and both indoor and outdoor performance centers.  A video highlighting the site is https://vimeo.com/533405307/8b801e04d8.  We will build it as soon as funds are available.