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Our Mission

Our Mission is to build an Environment to help those in need of spreading there Message in these difficult times. We specialize in Broadcasting and we are aware of the GAP the Educational Community lacks in teaching students Important Industry Tools.

We want to Create an Environment that will Enable Anyone to Access Industry Equipment and be Certified in Industry Equipment that are much needed in today’s world for FREE to those wanting to LEARN.

Whether you are someone who wants to join the Media Industry, or you are seeking a New Career Path because of the Pandemic, or you want to tell a story and have your voice be heard. In the end our Mission is to help Educate and Teach the Community How to Create Professional Content for your Message.

In Discussion

We are Currently In Discussion with VICON & WSDG to
Ensure the Facilities are equal to that of Professional Industry Studios


We are the world’s number one choice in motion capture for over 35 years. We provide tailored motion capture systems for any application: life sciences, media and entertainment, location-based virtual reality, and engineering.

Our vision is to analyze and enhance the potential for human motion for the benefit of all.We do this by designing and developing our own premium motion capture technology.

We are pioneering, collaborative, dynamic, inspiring, remarkable. We go beyond motion.


WSDG’s objective is to engineer architectural and technical solutions that ensure excellent acoustical and media technology performance. We solve problems by designing innovative solutions and ergonomic aesthetics, which combine the latest audio and video technology within a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, architecturally fluid and creatively stimulating environment.

WSDG takes great pride in the over 3500 facilities we have designed worldwide. As we continue to apply our skills to new projects we hope to apply lessons learned with each assignment to the needs and desires of the projects that follow.