DONATION for the community to support the church and its activities is greatly appreciated, especially in these times of the pandemic which is limiting the ability to meet in person.

The church is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation and as such can receive monetary donation, volunteer time and skill donation, equipment and materials, and expertise in spreading education on message technology.

There are two primary destinations for the donations:

  1. The Dual Worlds Church (DWC) is an organizing member of the Corporate Certificate School which is a TUITION FREE Hands-On education for adults (18 and older) that provides BOTH new member preparation primarily through teaching messaging technology and life skills.  In the pandemic age, the primary method of messaging about DWC and its lifestyle is through  Broadcast TV and Streaming Video technology. The donations covering the costs of the students and the faculty & staff of the school.The school is open for both community and non-community members to attend on a TUITION FREE basis.  The school is focused on increasing the representation of the Black-Indigenous-People of Color (BIPOC) backgrounds into the broadcast and streaming industries.
  2.  DWC is in the process of identifying, acquiring, and building a San Francisco Bay Area facility that will include permanent classrooms for the school, a House of Worship & Community Meeting Center, a Broadcast TV & Streaming Studio for the messaging to the larger audience and a production studio with an integrated Motion Capture studio for both providing practical internships to the students and promoting the message of the church.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR 2020 : the CARES Act that was passed by Congress in February 2020 to address the CoronaVirus Pandemic Economic impact has special rules that make this year advantageous to support non-profit organizations with equipment and financial donations. A short summary of the key points are available here , for helping guide your purchasing and financial teams to better understand the options for this year.

As a result of the special tax breaks for donations to Non-Profit Corporations in 2020, all programs are available on a multi-year (3yr, 5yr, and 7 yr) agreement with every 6 mos review for continuation terms.

Please contact the Dual Worlds Church if you have interest in supporting our activities.