Dual Worlds Church in On-Line During the Pandemic

As a resulting of the current state of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dual Worlds Church is not able to hold it regular weekly community message events, and participate in the live streaming of the twice daily guided meditation sessions of the day.

In place of these live event, we are making the weekly Inspirational Messages and the Guided Meditations available via podcasts from out Vimeo Channels.

We welcome all community members, potential members, a friends and associates, to enjoy these messages in this time of global change.

Announcing the Dual Worlds Church

We are pleased to announce that Dual Worlds Church is a new physical and electronic community church located in Northern CA.  As a part of Roadway Intelligence, it is a standalone church that focuses on the lifestyle and guidelines outlined in the Book of Intelligent Observation, that was written by the Founder and Lead Visionary.

The book is available in paperback form and electronically on Kindle from Amazon.